Healing the Organizations

Strengthening and Empowering People is Our Passion

Winning is a Team Effort
- Max Babri

Healing the Organizations

There must be a way forward! Businesses can surely be transformed to improve the quality of life of people and serve humanity, yet remain sustainable and profitable. There is always hope! And the voice of reason will eventually prevail and we will move towards a more judicious more egalitarian society. These thoughts will certainly resonate with people, organizations, and institutions.

However, we at all levels are tempted to look more at our personal and short-term goals, hens creating disharmony amongst fellow human beings.

Let’s reset our minds, our spirits, and our hearts. (with Max)

We human beings are tremendously gifted life forms. We are talented, artistic, creative, energetic, caring, sharing, loving, dedicated, and committed. Above all, we are driven by a passionate desire to do well for our organization, our country, our universe and ourselves.

In organizations and institutions, we express our talents and strengths with passion and commitment, but often without harmony.  Lack of harmony results in each playing his own piece on his instrument of choice as loudly as possible creating a very noisy environment. This is like a star-studded orchestra without a score (a vision) and a conductor (management), hence a small and agitated audience (customers) if any at all.

“There are no great things to do out there. There are only small things to be done with a great attitude. “(Max)

Healing the Organizations

Organizations that We have Touched And those Who Touched Us